Wellness Wheel

A wellness wheel is a tool that helps us take a pulse on our overall wellness and gives us a visual tool to assess where we are putting our energy. Using the wheel, we can more easily reprioritize our efforts so that we can spend our time energy in the places that are most important to us.

The Wellness Wheel helps us identify our strengths and any imbalances in our lives. It is a tool that we can use every week, every month, every quarter, and/or every year to check in, see where we are at, and shift gears if we are not paying enough attention to certain aspects of our greater wellness circle. There is no right or wrong in the Wellness Wheel, just information.

Print out the Wellness Wheel below or draw your own. Once you have the wheel in front of you, color in how much of each section is represented in your life as you see it right now, today.

You may notice that some sections are more vibrant and full and others are more sparse. Some sections you may want to pay more attention to and others you might not.

If something is not in the alignment that you want, this tool can help you notice, prompt you to ask why and create a strategy to create something new.

Wellness Wheel