Get Lasting Results with Personalized Nutrition Counseling

As a functional medicine nutritionist, Barbara understands that every person’s body and dietary needs are different. She provides personalized nutrition counseling that enables her clients to find the unique diet to best support their long-term health. Barbara is available to meet in person, on the phone or via video conference.

Each Client Receives:  

  • A comprehensive nutrition analysis based on your current diet, symptoms, lifestyle habits, health history, lab results and environmental factors that may be affecting your health. This analysis will help identify diet imbalances and other nutrition related issues.
  • A customized nutrition plan that addresses your individual health issues and concerns.
  • Support every step of the way!  Having someone to help you problem solve, offer solutions and give encouragement can be the difference between making sustainable changes in your health or not.

Initial Wellness Package

  • 60-minute initial assessment where Barbara gathers information about you, your lifestyle and your health history.
  • Three 45-minute follow-up appointments where we discuss your comprehensive action plan. The plan will include individualized nutrition, supplement, and lifestyle recommendations, as well as testing recommendations, if applicable. The plan will include a review supplements, food, lifestyle, nutrient & medication interactions, and a functional interpretation of recent (last six months) lab results. 
  • 60-minute second follow-up visit to fine tune. You can expect recipes, educational materials, articles, and more.
  • Customized supplement plan and 20% discount on professional grade supplement orders, if applicable.
  • Email access for quick questions and clarifications between appointments to help you stay on track.  Longer or more involved questions will be discussed at follow-up appointments. 

Package fee is $585.
Ask about family rates and payment plans.

Follow-up Visits:  

The number of follow-up visits will depend on your individual needs. Those with chronic conditions can expect to schedule follow-up visits every 2-3 weeks for three to six months and those with general wellness concerns can expect follow-up visits every few months after completing the Initial Wellness Package.

Follow-up Packages

  • Individual Follow-up Visits are $150 per 60-minute follow-up and $85 per 30-minute follow-up.
  • 3 60-minute follow-up visits is $400 ($450 value).
  • 6 60-minute follow-up visit is $800 ($900 value).

“I have been really happy with my experiences working with Barbara.  It has been a lot of learning for me, lots of growth, and feeling better over the last months. I attribute much of this to Barbara’s work, know how, and good care.”

Marin County, CA

Insurance Information

Barbara Sobel does not accept health insurance or Medicare. Please ask your insurance company if nutritional counseling services (office visits, phone consultations or lab tests) will be reimbursed for out of network providers.  

Upon request, Barbara will provide a detailed statement (superbill) to assist you with possible insurance reimbursement. If you have an insurance plan, health savings account (HSA) or Flex spending account that accepts “out-of-network” providers you may be able to submit the superbill for partial reimbursement.

Payment Options

Barbara Sobel Nutrition accepts checks and credit cards for services.