Nourishing Self-Care: Building Resilience and Thriving in Difficult Times
It has been a challenging few months and for most of us, the uncertainty and changes in routines and schedules promise more uncertainty.

Have you stopped and asked yourself if your diet and lifestyle habits contributing to more stress or are they helping you build resilience and setting you up for a more healthy future?

Feeling frazzled or short-tempered?
Not sleeping well?
Lacking motivation?
Finding it hard to focus?
Turning to food, alcohol, or endless scrolling to cope?

If you answered, yes, it may be time for a supportive reframe away from just surviving to more thriving.

This 6-week small group (limited to 8) course, will help you build resilience and take care of yourself so you make it through this difficult time with your long-term health intact and maybe even stronger than before.

The group meets weekly on Wednesday afternoons, June 24 – July 29, from 4-5 pm, and includes a one-on-one 30-minute personalized consultation with Barbara, additional office hours, group support, and accountability.

You can find more information and sign up at

Eating During Stressful Times
Listen in as Lisa Brent, ND, Be Well Natural Medicine and I share some helpful tips for eating during stressful times on her podcast called BeWell. You can listen in at