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Family Meals

As a child, our family dinners were spent focused on two topics – sports and politics. The political discussions were always heated and while the disagreements around sports were just as strong, they were not nearly as charged with emotion. I found this an interesting phenomenon and useful to remember throughout my life. Those dinners […]

Rock Cod En Papillote

En papillote sounds fancy, but it translates from French into food cooked and served in a paper wrapper. I love cooking fish and vegetables together in a parchment paper packet. Everything comes out moist. The fish does not smell and clean-up couldn’t be easier. You can make one packet for the whole table or individual […]

Are Your Habits Supporting Your Goals: TV

Making change is hard and uncomfortable. It seems unfairly easy to make a change that can negatively impact your health and so restrictive to make the changes that support wellness. I have been an occasional TV watcher for a long time. When my kids were younger, TV was a battleground so we created a family […]

Thai Steak Salad

Ingredients 1 lb of skirt or flank steak 1 head of romaine lettuce 1 package of rice noodles (you can use seaweed noodles here as well if you are cooking a grain free meal) 1 head cilantro chopped 1 package green onions chopped A variety of additional sliced or chopped vegetables to round out the […]

Sheet Pan Steelhead Trout with Vegetables

Ingredients 1 Small cabbage quartered 2 Delicata squash sliced in half rounds, seeds removed 1 Fennel bulb sliced 3 Spring onions sliced in rounds 1 Beet sliced in rounds 1/2 -1lb Steelhead Trout (or salmon, cod, or any other fish) Olive oil Salt and pepper for seasoning Pesto (I use a store-bought, dairy-free basil pesto […]

Lime, Carrot, and Parsnip Soup

Ingredients 1 Tablespoon extra virgin olive oil 1 yellow onion coarsely chopped 3 cups coarsely chopped parsnip (about 1 pound) 3 cups coarsely chopped carrots (about 1 pound) 6 cups water, stock (vegetable or chicken) or a mixture 4 kaffir lime leaves or zest of 2 limes Salt and pepper to taste Chopped cilantro or sprouts for garnish Directions Heat […]

Simple Roast Chicken

Roasting a whole chicken is a great way to ensure that all the meat is juicy and it can make meal planning for multiple meals super easy. I always have leftovers that make for another quick meal. Heat up the leftover meat with some salsa and you have the quick beginnings of tacos. Add the […]

Sleep: Getting Back to Basics

We spend about one-third of our time sleeping.  Quality sleep and getting enough sleep is essential for feeling our best. Sleep affects almost every type of tissue and system in the body from the brain, heart, and lungs to metabolism, immune function, mood, and disease resistance. Research shows that a chronic lack of sleep increases […]

Moroccan-Spiced Chicken

Moroccan-Spiced Chicken Serves 4-6 When I think casserole I think mushy and white. I was flipping through Diana Henry’s cookbook Simple, Effortless Food, Big Flavors and found this fabulous recipe. I made some changes based on what I have in the house and what foods make me feel best. I encourage you to be creative […]

Pistachio Granola

Ingredients 3 cups gluten-free oats (regular or extra thick) 1 1/2 cups raw, unsalted, shelled pistachios 1 cup raw, unsalted hulled pepitas or pumpkin seeds 1 cup unsweetened, dried coconut slices 3/4 cup real maple syrup (grade B if you can find it) 1/2 cup extra virgin olive oil 1 teaspoon Celtic or Himalayan salt […]

Herb Lamb Burgers with Raita

This week I am cooking from the ZenBelly Cookbook: An Epicurean Guide to Paleo Cuisine by Simone Miller. This cookbook is full of delicious recipes and lots of cooking tips and variations. Plus the pictures are beautiful! These herb filled lamb burgers can be served on a bun, or on a nutty grain like brown […]

A dinner you can enjoy for breakfast or lunch too

Quinoa Quiche (serves 4) This week’s recipe is a quinoa quiche adapted from Gina Williamson at Innate Wellness. This is fast becoming one of my favorite Sunday night dinners. I like to prep it earlier in the day and then make a salad while the quiche is in the oven. The leftovers make a great […]

Soup is On

Green Minestrone(serves 4) I love cooking a big pot of soup. I served this green soup for dinner this week and had enough soup left over for several warm lunches. I heated it up in the morning and put in a thermos to take with me. I served it with simple oregano and paprika seasoned […]

Keeping Cortisol (our stress hormone) in Balance

It is raining outside and one of the first big storms of the winter. As a skier, winter rainstorms at home, mean snow in the mountains. I like to cross country ski. Most of my family members are downhill skiers. I often go off on my own into the woods to enjoy the quiet. Sometimes […]