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Seasonal Allergies

You know the feeling, the flowers are in bloom and beautiful, then the itchy nose, watery eyes, sneezing, congestion, and headaches start. I wanted to share few tips to help weather allergy season with as few symptoms as possible. Seasonal allergies, also known as allergic rhinitis or hay fever, affect millions of us each year. […]

Blood Sugar and the Goldilocks Zone

How do you feel after you eat a meal? I have started asking my clients that question. It might seem like I am being polite, but I am looking for clues about their blood sugar and insulin levels. This is something you can do at home after every meal and snack. It is not diagnostic like testing, […]

Taking Care of You: A Mind-Body Skills Group for Women

In case you missed the announcement, I wanted to make sure that you heard the exciting news… I am launching  Taking Care of You: A Mind-Body Skills Group for Women on April 15th Last week I had the opportunity to hear Glennon Doyle speak via Zoom at a women’s conference. If you are not familiar with her work, Doyle […]

Diet and Lifestyle Tips to Support Immune Health

I listened to an interesting webinar last week from the Institute for Functional Medicine (IFM) about what we can do to improve our immune system as we wait and prepare for the vaccine. Some of us, including me, are going to have a bit of wait until we are eligible to get the vaccine and […]

The Special Diet And The End of The Struggle

I was talking with a client this week who is following a therapeutic diet that is quite restrictive. In addition to a lot of digestive issues, she is struggling with a lot of feelings about having to follow this diet and finding that she starts the diet and then is easily thrown off track only […]

Feel Nourished, Not Deprived

It is the end of January and your health and wellness goals may not be as front and center as you had planned on at the beginning of the month. I am working with a client that I want to tell you about. She came to me complaining that over the last few months she […]

Bone Broth

Somethings never change. I was looking back at some pictures from a year ago and snapped this as I finished bottling up some homemade bone broth and this morning I did the exact same thing. Cooking roasted bones (beef, turkey, pork, chicken, fish, lamb) with a little acid (apple cider vinegar or wine), water, and […]