Taking Care of You: A Mind-Body Skills Group for Women

In case you missed the announcement, I wanted to make sure that you heard the exciting news…

I am launching  Taking Care of You: A Mind-Body Skills Group for Women on April 15th

Last week I had the opportunity to hear Glennon Doyle speak via Zoom at a women’s conference. If you are not familiar with her work, Doyle is an author and her most recent book is Untamed. It is a fantastic and empowering read and I think I have highlighted most of the book. This quote really stands out to me,

“Be careful with the stories you tell about yourself.”

When I read this passage, I think about how many times I have gotten lost in a not very nourishing story that I am telling myself and start believing the story as the truth. Those are the stories that make me feel stressed and anxious. I don’t sleep as well, I lose my motivation to get outside, call a friend, cook a healthy meal, breath nourishing breaths, and all of the other things that help me take care of myself. And I find myself scrolling on my phone, staying up too late watching Netflix, or rummaging through the pantry looking for chocolate.

Guess what, the stories aren’t always true and when stories cause us to feel chronic stress they can be harmful to our mental and physical health. Chronic stress has affected my health in more ways than one. It has affected everything from my digestive function to my sleep, hormone regulation, and blood sugar control.

I have learned that when I create some space for myself I have room to listen to the story and assess if it is true or not, I can find space to feel how my feelings feel in my body, and then choose how I want to act. I do that by practicing different forms of mindfulness. Some days it is sitting and others it is listening to a guided meditation, journaling, creating, or practicing yoga. Stressful situations will always arise, but we can learn tools that can help us better manage it so that it does not take a toll on our health and wellness

I created Taking Care of You: A Mind-Body Skills Group for Women as a way to share simple, doable tools mindfulness tools to help women just you (and me) thrive! These tools can help improve sleep, manage stress, give us a sense of calmness, and improve overall wellness.

So take a peek at the details for Taking Care of You: A Mind-Body Skills Group for Women and know that it was created in the spirit of Glennon Doyle’s words.

I am excited for you to join. Here is how you can register:

Taking Care of You: A Mind-Body Skills Group for Women