One Woman’s Compelling Story To A Better Night’s Sleep and a Whole Lot More

Today I wanted to share with you one client’s transformational experience. It’s a story you might relate to, like I did.

I was first introduced to this client through a mutual friend. We got to talking about the trouble she was having falling asleep at night. She was in her late 40’s with a busy job, three children, and family and social commitments. She had a rhythm and was able to manage everything well. Then COVID hit, her stress levels increased, her anxiety levels increased, her waistline increased, and she found it hard to wind down at night. I remember her saying,

“I am so tired all the time and as soon as I get into bed my mind starts racing. I lie there unable to sleep with spiraling thoughts. Then the next day was rinse and repeat.”

It is amazing to me the number of women I meet who experience issues with sleep, stress, anxiety, and weight gain in their 40’s and beyond. But, honestly, it’s not surprising. I felt similarly before I began learning and practicing mind-body skills.

I was so excited when this client signed up to work with me one-on-one. She recently shared why she decided to take the leap, “I realized that I was eating and drinking to relieve stress, eating to relieve anxiety, and eating and over caffeinating to stay awake. I knew that these new habits were not supporting my long-term health, but I felt stuck and didn’t know how to break the cycle.”

I’ll let her works speak for her outcomes …

“Barbara helped me realize that I was eating for the wrong reasons. She taught me to slow down, make some space. The mind-body skills I learned have helped me sleep better, and feel less anxious, less stressed, and less interested in eating when I am not hungry. I am making better choices, feeling more vibrant, and I am a whole more fun to be around.”

I am so moved by this transformation, but again, not surprised. I have seen this time and time again. If you want to experience that kind of personal transformation that she has, I encourage you to reach out and book an exploratory session.