Gluten-Free Diet: Is it working and am I doing it right?

Are you following a gluten-free diet and not feeling as good as you think you should or are you unsure if a gluten-free diet might be helpful for your particular situation? 

I want to tell you about a client of mine who has been following a strict gluten-free diet for several years.

Gluten is one of many proteins found in wheat (and all of its varieties), barley, rye, malt, Brewer’s yeast, and wheat starch that has not been processed to remove gluten to a level that meets the FDA Labeling Law. Humans can’t break it down completely. For some people, this is not a problem, and for others, it can cause a myriad of health issues.

Collect Information
This client had addressed a lot of other health issues but still complained of brain fog, feeling bloated, and sometimes had alternating constipation and diarrhea. She also mentioned that she was feeling more anxious than normal. Her primary care physician ran some blood tests and everything was normal except for low vitamin D. These are all symptoms of gluten sensitivity.

We spent some time talking about her diet and lifestyle. When we really dug into it, she mentioned that she had been ordering more take-out recently. With her family home this year, she was sharing cutting boards and a toaster with her kids who used them with their regular bread.

I suggested that she take a test to show if she was having an immune reaction to gluten (and some other foods that may cross-react). We ran the test and found that she was being exposed to gluten while eating a gluten-free diet and it was negatively affecting her body and mood.

Making Changes
Armed with new knowledge and enthusiasm to take control of her health and wellness, she bought a new cutting board labeling it gluten-free. Then she rearranged the pantry so that the top shelf was gluten-free only.

She went back to reading labels on food, toothpaste, lipstick, and other personal care products. And she stopped taking licks and bites of things that she knew might have gluten but didn’t think it would matter (french fries, a sip of her husband’s beer, and flatbread cracker she loved).

She started meal planning and got back in the habit of cooking most of her meals from home. When she orders from a new restaurant, she asks a lot of questions about their dishes and their kitchen. Unfortunately, over 30% of items labeled gluten-free in restaurants have tested not gluten-free.

This client is feeling better and took a retest after several months. All of her hard work paid off. Her numbers had improved and her symptoms had declined.

If you are …

  • following a gluten-free diet and not feeling as good as you think you should
  • wondering if a gluten-free diet might help you
  • interested in learning more about food sensitivity tests and if they might help you

… reach out to me by email at I can help you make an informed decision on the next steps that are right for you.