Summer Sheet Pan Salad with Salmon

This recipe was inspired by Farmhouse Lab, a local organic dressing company. I tried out Farmhouse Lab’s amazing consciously sourced and organic Sunny Avocado dressing after I was blown away by one of their sheet pan salads. I love sheet pan meals and I had never thought about using one as a platter.

I cooked the salmon separately in the oven with some salt and pepper. I made the salad while the salmon was cooking. It has romaine lettuce, baby kale, carrots, cucumbers, arugula, radishes, mint, broccoli sprouts, basil, Italian parsley, and crushed hazelnuts. Some of these vegetables can be bitter. Once I tasted the Sunny Avocado dressing with it’s of apricot I knew it would tie it all together and smooth out the flavor of the bitter vegetables.