Chocolate Cinnamon “Ice Cream”

This dairy-free frozen treat has 5 different plant foods, 6 if you add garnish and eat it. You might give it a try with ginger and lime zest instead of cinnamon and cardamon. Look at your tea collection and spice rack for inspiration. 

3 frozen bananas
3 tablespoons cacao or cocoa powder
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon cardamon
2-3 tablespoons of almond or coconut milk
pinch of salt
a couple of mint leaves for garnish

Let the bananas soften a little bit.

Add everything but the mint leaves to the blender and turn on high to mix everything together. If the bananas are too hard, you may have to stop the blender and chop them up into pieces. Use a spatula around the edges of the blender and mix everything well.

Eat immediately or put back in the freezer to enjoy later.

If the “ice cream” is not sweet enough, mix in a drop or two of real maple syrup. You will be surprised how far a little bit goes.