Summer Vacation: Self Care

Remember when you were a kid and you spent all year looking forward to summer vacation?  As adults, we don’t get to take the whole summer off, but we often do get to take a little time off work to recharge. I spent the last two weeks traveling in Brazil sightseeing, listening to music, beaching, trying new and delicious foods (@uxua best gluten-free chocolate cake ever!), walking, kayaking, sleeping in, visiting with family, and refilling my tank.

I feel recharged and inspired. As I came back to the full days at home, I decided that I didn’t need to wait for next summer to get that feeling of being on vacation again. My husband and I started talking about the weekend day trips and outings we could plan that would help fill us up until we can take another vacation. We realized that if we plan a bike ride, a beach day, a museum visit … ahead of time, we will make it happen. If we just let Saturday morning roll around and haven’t made a commitment to ourselves we get swept into the minutia of things at home and miss out on these times to recharge.

Does the business of everyday life keep you from having time to recharge each week, month, quarter, season? What can you put on your schedule this week to decompress, recharge, reconnect, and re-inspire?