Cauliflower Leek Soup

Cooking up a big pot of vegetable soup is always a good thing. I love having a simple soup in the refrigerator to heat up for a snack or to complete a meal. I usually don’t use a recipe for vegetable soup, but this batch was particularly good so I wrote it down to make again and share. This soup is great on its own, and you can use as a base to add other flavors. In the picture, I stirred in a spoon of pesto and sprinkled the top with raw sunflower seeds for a little crunch.



1 head cauliflower roughly chopped

3 medium leeks, whites and green stalks roughly chopped

3 zucchini roughly chopped

1 onion roughly chopped

3-5 cups water or stock

2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

salt and pepper to season

pesto and sunflower seeds for garnish



Add the oil to the pan and heat. Add the onions and sauté until opaque

Add all of the other vegetables and cover with liquid. Cook on medium until vegetables are soft.

Blend the soup either with an emersion blender or in batches in the blender.

Season with salt and pepper to taste and enjoy.