Spring Vegetable Soup

I like to start the week out with a big pot of soup that is simple and plain so that I can have a warm bowl to add to lunch, dinner, or for a snack. I like keeping it plain so I can spice it up with a curry or fresh herbs.

A pot of vegetable soup is an easy way to make sure that we are getting enough vegetable each day without having to cook, chop, or slice at every meal. Sometimes I like to heat a serving, mix in a cracked egg, let it cook in the broth, and then top the bowl off with some spicy kimchi. Other times I will add leftover chicken, fish, or chickpeas.


1 large leek

1 fennel bulb with the fronds

1 bunch spring onions

3 carrots

1 large handful shitake mushrooms

1 bunch asparagus

8 cups of broth or water

salt and pepper to taste



Roughly chop all of the vegetables.

Sautee the leeks and onions in a little olive oil. When opaque, add the other vegetables. Stir and add the broth.

Cook until vegetables are soft and cooked through. Season with salt and pepper to taste.