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Functional Medicine Nutrition Counseling for Digestive Health, Inflammatory Conditions, Hormonal Balance, & Aging Gracefully

What do digestive discomfort, brain fog, joint pain, weight gain, hormone imbalances, and autoimmune disease have in common?  These conditions are related to inflammation, which can cause symptoms throughout the body.  By taking a functional medicine approach, Barbara works together with her clients to determine the root cause of their condition.  Your personalized treatment plan is designed to quell inflammation for lasting results so you feel better, think clearly, and look your very best.

Nutritionist Barbara Sobel, MS, CNS, LDN
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Meet Barbara

Like many of my clients, I suffered from fatigue, weight gain, brain fog and food intolerances. After seeing multiple doctors and not improving, I turned to functional medicine practitioners. They were able to uncover the root cause of my conditions. By getting the right diagnosis coupled with making dietary & lifestyle changes, my health dramatically improved.

Is it Inflammation?

Low-grade inflammation can cause a host of symptoms across the whole body. Digestive issues, brain fog, chronic aches & pains, weight gain, hormone imbalances and autoimmune disease are all signs that the body is struggling to manage inflammation. Barbara specializes in developing personalized anti-inflammatory treatment plans to address your conditions.

Functional Medicine Approach

Barbara’s training with the Institute of Functional Medicine taught her to focus on determining WHY you have symptoms, how they connect to each other, and how they affect the whole body. By addressing the underlying reasons, the root causes, for your conditions, Barbara helps you extinguish the flame of inflammation so you can regain your optimal health and vitality.

What They’re Saying

“Working in the health and wellness field, I’m pretty picky as to whom I see for my own health issues, and Barb Sobel is at the absolute top of my list. Not only does she have a wonderful way of making you feel at ease, she’s also got some great knowledge and suggestions and knows how to put it to use. Every time I meet with her, I come away with the feeling that I’ve really been heard. Her knowledge of thyroid/weight loss was great — I saw changes quickly, and overtime she was able to tweak my plan to suit my lifestyle perfectly. I highly recommend Barb for anyone looking to improve their health and wellness!”

“I am very particular about what I like to eat, and so I was really hesitant to visit a nutritionist. Barb Sobel came highly recommended by my sister who had life changing results working with her. Barb was thorough and understanding, guiding rather than prescribing me to make a few changes. She is a kind and active listener, and I feel like we came to solutions together. I am so glad that I finally called her; I feel so much better now.”

“Barbara is a very inspiring and empowering clinician. She has the utmost of patience. She is motivating, kind and gives off the kind of energy that builds strength in her clients who are ready to take charge of their health.”

“Barbara is a good listener and I felt very comfortable with her. She took time to address my concerns and explain to me how I could reach my goals and desires.  She helped me think about my situation in a different way. I would recommend her to others.”

“Barb has been extremely helpful to me in analyzing my eating habits and putting me on a healthier path. All of her advice has been thoughtful and given with common sense and without being an alarmist. I really appreciate that.”

“Barb was excellent in her approach to my needs. She was very patient, thoughtful, caring and knowledgeable.

She was also open to collaborating on the best options for me without judgment.”

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